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Laughs, gasps, the occasional gurgle and lots of water dominated the opening night of SOAP at Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre.

The SOAP cast in action at The Malthouse Theatre.
The SOAP cast in action at The Malthouse Theatre.

After sell-out seasons in Edinburgh, London, Berlin and Adelaide, the German created show, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary, made its debut at the Malthouse as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Aptly described as a mixture of contemporary circus, physical theatre, cabaret and comedy what makes SOAP different is it’s set in, on and around bathtubs.

The cast of SOAP in action.
Balancing acts performed on the ledges of bathtubs were a highlight of SOAP.

The cast of seven includes extremely skilled acrobats and contortionists from Ethiopia, Russia, the United States and Switzerland.  Their strong, very toned and athletic bodies are spotlighted in a number of routines, including several conducted on the ledges of baths.

Several acts take place high above the baths under water raining down from the ceiling.

Performing under water
Performing under water

While the majority of acts in the 70 minute show showcase the cast’s athletic prowess there are also several funny skits and slapstick comedy routines.

A performance of Swan Lake performed by three men wearing only towels, a romance between a couple of feet and a striptease while juggling balls attracted the loudest laughs.

SOAP cast members performing Swan Lake.
SOAP cast members performing Swan Lake.

Opera singer Jennifer Lindshield, who showed a great vocal range, accompanied a number of the acts while a recorded soundtrack, featuring music from Sia, Gsldfrapp, Tool and Ben Harper, supported others.

While several of the acts are quite steamy and rather suggestive, the show is suitable for all ages with one proviso.  No one, no matter what their age, should try anything they see during the show in their own bath apart, maybe, for the occasional song!

SOAP is playing at the Malthouse Theatre until April 22.  Visit The Malthouse for more information and tickets.

*Jenny Burns attended the opening night of SOAP as a guest of the production.

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