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Rosalie Blum ticks many of the boxes which make French comedy-dramas so enjoyable.

Rosalie Blum star Noémie Lvovsky.
Rosalie Blum star Noémie Lvovsky.

Some scenes are funny, others sad and yet others moving. The characters are far from perfect but are generally likeable – with one exception.  Several are rather eccentric.

Kyan Khojandi plays Vincent Machot.
Kyan Khojandi plays Vincent Machot.

Based on a graphic novel series by Camille Jourdy, Rosalie Blum tells of 30-something Vincent Machot (Kyan Khojandi), a hairdresser, who lives in a small town in France. His life revolves around his work and his overbearing and very unpleasant mother (Anemone), who lives in the apartment upstairs. His girlfriend has moved to Paris and despite his playboy cousin’s efforts at matchmaking, Vincent is not interested. He believes he and his girlfriend (whom we never see) have a future together.

One day Vincent experiences a powerful déjà-vu moment when he meets grocery store clerk, Rosalie Blum (Noémie Lvovsky). Intrigued and obsessed by this mysterious woman, he begins to obsessively and secretively follow her around.

Alice Isaaz plays Aude
Alice Isaaz plays Aude

To say much more would give away the element of surprise the movie provides.  But together with Vincent and Rosalie there is one more important character – Rosalie’s 20-something niece, Aude (Alice Isaaz). Each has their own chapter in the film and gradually a full picture evolves of each character’s history, motivation and personality. While their backgrounds and stories are different, all three characters are in search of something in their lives. Aude’s flatmate and friends provide most of the comedy, while Vincent’s and Rosalie’s lives present numerous poignant moments.

 Isaaz and Khojandi
Isaaz and Khojandi

It’s this combination of humour tinged with some sadness presented in a subtle way by director, Julien Rappeneau, which adds to the enjoyment of the movie.

Rosalie Blum officially opens in cinemas around Australia on Boxing Day although previews are currently being held at selected cinemas. Visit Palace Films for screening times.


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7 years ago

This is a delightful film. Its a whimsical jigsaw puzzle of quirky characters connected by chance and whose lives become entwined. Its a well-acted, charming, light comedy. Read review at

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