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The joy, pain and confusion of falling in love are laid bare in Matador, playing at Melbourne’s Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Pip Keltie, Christopher Poliitis (front), Jessica Robbins, Gerard Pigg, Miranda D’Unieville and Liam Roodhouse (rear) star in  Matador.*

The 90 minute show uses all forms of dance together with burlesque and aerial and circus acts to explore the trials, tribulations and joys of falling in love.

The excitement of the first meeting, the flirtation, the uncertainty and the challenges including the impact of infidelity and bad behaviour are all explored through expertly choreographed acts.

Gerard Pigg,, Pip Keltie and Josephine Lopes.*

A number of acts also explicitly illustrate the lust and passion associated with being in a relationship.

The relationship between a love torn bull (Christopher Politis) and a seductive Matador (Pip Keltie) frames the show. Six other couples mirror and complement the two representing the different facets of love between heterosexual and same sex couples including love, lust, friendship, pain, trust, acceptance and forgiveness.

Jessica Robbins and Pip Keltie.*

Set across a red Spanish sunset, different emotions and experiences are illustrated through a form of dance or circus act and extremely colorful, imaginative and often very skimpy costumes.

Music ranging from well know modern hits to specially arranged pieces play an equally important role in expressing emotions.

The cast of 14 led by Keltie and Politis do an amazing job in performing so many different forms of dance which include energetic commercial dance, stylish ballet pieces and steamy Latin American numbers.  The often erotic burlesque and circus numbers are equally expertly performed.

Trevor Santos and company members.*

Matador is inspired by the life of writer, director and producer Melbourne-based Bass G Fam. The show was a hit last time it toured Australia 2019.  While the story-line is the same, this production features new acts, costumes and original music.  The standing ovation on opening night suggests the show will be just as, if not more, popular with audiences.

Matador is returning to Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre  from December 1-4. Visit the Ticketek Matador website for more information and tickets.

Jenny Burns attended Matador as a guest of the show.

*Photo credit: Ben Vella.


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2 years ago

[…] there are some similarities to the show which last played at Her Majesty’s Theatre in 2021, the latest production features new burlesque, dance and circus […]

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