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Explaining Case Numbers,  Dylan Cole’s 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, would most likely spoil many of the surprises awaiting audiences.

Dylan Cole in Case Numbers.

The basis of the show is Cole guessing the combination of numbers that will unlock a briefcase. However as is the case with any mystery, providing the background to the problem at hand takes up far more time than the solution!

Explaining the back story of how he inherited the locked briefcase from his Communist supporting grandmother provides Cole with the perfect opportunity to showcase his clever writing and great comic timing.

He takes great delight in spotlighting some of the more bizarre moments in the movie world including Sean Connery’s casting in The Hunt for Red October, and any Christopher Nolan movie.

Dylan Cole

Video piracy and words of advice from his Scottish speaking lecturer also get a run in the 60 minute one man show.

According to Cole’s own words the show has `no beginning or ending and, while there is a middle it is entirely pointless’.  To comment on this would be to give much of the show away but for older audience members Case Numbers also provides a humorous trip down memory lane.

Case Numbers is playing at the Greek Centre (Two), 168 Lonsdale Street Melbourne until April 9.  Visit the Comedy Festival website for more information and tickets.

*Photo credit: Emma Holland

Jenny Burns attended the opening night of Case Numbers as a guest of the producers.


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