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Turtle Odyssey 3D perfectly illustrates why the IMAX format is ideal for wildlife documentaries.

Adult Bunji swimming with fish.
Green sea turtle Bunji swimming with fish in Turtle Odyssey 3D

The underwater shots are at times breathtaking as we follow Bunji, a green sea turtle, from birth to ‘motherhood’.

A baby bunji starting his journey.
A baby Bunji starting his journey.

Bunji’s adventures start with her birth on a Great Barrier Reef beach. We see her precarious run from the sand to the ocean, avoiding the hungry seagulls and crabs in search of a feed. We then follow her (or given the documentary time span and dangers turtles face, possibly a relative!) as she grows into adulthood and later returns to the beach where she was born, to lay her eggs.

During this time she travels thousands of kilometres in the open ocean and meets all kinds of creatures, ranging from whales, great white sharks and dugongs to clown fish and tiny sea horses.

Bunji getting around on the ocean thanks to a seaweed raft.
Bunji getting around on the ocean thanks to a seaweed raft.

Thanks to narration by Australian actor Russell Crowe, we learn more about these creatures and the many challenges they faces in surviving ocean life. Together with natural predators, humans – or more specifically the rubbish we dump in the ocean – are now one of the sea turtles’ greatest dangers.

Plastic bags are one of the great dangers to turtles.
Plastic bags are one of the great dangers to turtles.

Crowe’s commentary also incorporates the latest scientific discoveries about these most remarkable creatures. We learn, for example, that turtles can sense and use the earth’s invisible magnetic fields to navigate back to the beaches they were born on.

While the commentary is educational, it’s the wildlife images that best tell Bunji’s story as she comes across an array of sea creatures, which are expertly and spectacularly brought to life on the IMAX screen. Needless to say the life of a sea turtle is fraught with danger!

Turtle Odyssey 3D is showing exclusively at IMAX Melbourne. Visit IMAX Melbourne  for more information and tickets.

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