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The comings and goings of a large family of ducks were one of several highlights of a stay at Victoria’s Mantra Lorne resort.

The view from apartment 135A at Mantra Lorne.

Every few hours the family would appear, often at great haste, as they explored the resort’s manicured green lawns.

The ducks of Mantra Lorne.

Their routine was occasionally disrupted by young children keen to round up the brood. Those who got too close were quickly warned off by the ducklings’ ever watchful parents.

Judging by the number of resort guests on their balconies I was not the only one captivated by these antics. Or maybe it was the sounds of the waves crashing on the nearby beach, the warm weather or the screeching cockatoos?

The appearance of cockatoos on the balconies created joy for some and a nightmare for others. Those who heeded the resort’s warnings about not feeding the birds were rewarded with fleeting visits. Those who ignored the warnings found the seemingly tame birds very difficult to get rid of as more and more of their ‘friends’ also demanded a feed.

Cockatoos were frequent visitors to all balconies.

Beach walks were another highlight of the stay. The resort is across a laneway from Lorne’s main beach and early morning and late evening strolls were a great way to start and finish the day.

On the other side of the road from the resort is Lorne’s main shopping centre, which during my visit early in the week, seemed to be struggling to find staff to allow the opening of all the town’s shops and restaurants.

The view to my room, which was located on the second floor.

What: Room 135A: A one bedroom garden view apartment Mantra Lorne.

Who: JB

When:  November 7 to November 10 2022.

How Did It Rate

My apartment had everything needed for a relaxing self-contained stay including a small kitchenette with all the necessary cooking facilities, a good size lounge area, a balcony accessed via the bedroom and lounge area, comfortable queen size bed and a spa bath in the bathroom.   It was light and airy thanks to the balconies and large windows.

The living area

Fast and reliable internet. According to the website, there’s a limit of one gigabyte per day which I obviously didn’t reach. 

The balcony which was perfect for reading, reflecting and watching the wildlife.

The birdlife which was always entertaining.

The location with both the beach and a coffee only a minute or so away.

The kitchenette

The breakfasts.  A very extensive and delicious buffet breakfast, especially for fruit lovers, is served in the resort’s Larder restaurant.

The resort’s facilities which include tennis courts, a small but well-equipped gym, kids room, croquet pitch and indoor swimming pool.  There’s also an Endota Spa on site although this was closed during my stay.

My room was on the first floor of one of the resort’s many three storey blocks.  While I heard doors opening and shutting and the occasional cry of a baby in a room below, it wasn’t enough to disturb me.  However, noise could be an issue if all the rooms in the block were full and not all guests were respectful of those around them. 

The bedroom with a view to my neighbour’s apartment.

My room overlooked the tennis courts and while during the day this wasn’t an issue the lights from the courts were quite bright at night.  Of course, I could have closed the curtains, but enjoying the night sky from my living room was a highlight!

My bedroom window faced an adjoining apartment.  To ensure no embarrassing situations the blinds were kept closed at all times.

For more information on Mantra Lorne visit the property’s website.



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