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AAT Kings’ Katherine Gorge Cruise and Edith Falls day tour from Darwin proved to be a very long but successful day.

A cruise on Katherine (Nitmiluk) Gorge is the highlight of AAT Kings' Katherine Gorge and Edith Falls tour.
A cruise on Nitmiluk (Katherine ) Gorge is the highlight of AAT Kings’ Katherine Gorge and Edith Falls day tour.

The pick-up from my Darwin hotel was scheduled for 6.10am (although the coach didn’t come until after 6.30am) and I was dropped back at the hotel around 9.30pm.

Our itinerary included around 20 minutes at the very moving Adelaide River War Cemetery, a half hour stop at Leliyn (Edith) Falls, where several in our group enjoyed a swim, and a two hour cruise on Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge which took in two of the very picturesque gorges.

Our Nitmiluk Gorge cruise boat.
Our Nitmiluk Gorge cruise boat.

The tour also included a drive through Katherine and Pine Creek (no stops were made).

Along the way our driver/ guide, Sandy, pointed out the main attractions and explained the joys and challenges of living in Darwin and the Top End.

While most of our group of around 30 were rather tired at days’ end, the general mood suggested it was a day well spent.  There was some frustration at the lack of time to fully explore the cemetery and Leliyn Falls . However given it’s around a 700 kilometre return trip between Darwin and Nitmiluk Gorge, the itinerary’s timings are understandable.

Freshwater crocodiles are a feature of a gorge cruise.
Freshwater crocodiles were a feature of our gorge cruise.

What: AAT Kings’ day tour Katherine Gorge Cruise and Edith Falls

When: May 21, 2018

Who: Jenny Burns

How did it Rate

The chance to see Nitmiluk Gorge.  The young guide who took us on our two hour gorge cruise was informative and took great delight in pointing out the many freshwater crocodiles. His commentary was complemented by the information displayed at the Nitmiluk Visitors Centre, our lunch venue.

Our guide Sandy’s knowledge and enthusiasm. The long term Northern Territory resident provided an interesting insight into living in the territory.

Adelaide River cementery
Adelaide River War Cemetery

Exploring the excellently maintained Adelaide River War Cemetery, albeit rather briefly.

Swimming in Edith (Leliyn) Falls
Swimming in the Leliyn Falls

Seeing the picturesque Leliyn Falls.  While I didn’t swim there, those who did said it was very refreshing.

Meals.  The first refreshment break was about 9.30am at Emerald Springs roadhouse. Given the early pick up time, many of the group hadn’t eaten breakfast as it wasn’t available so early at their hotels. As a result it was a long time to wait to eat.  The tour also includes the option of buying dinner at Emerald Springs (the meals were ordered by Sandy at lunchtime). The food and service was what you’d expect of an outback roadhouse. Lunch, which was part of the tour cost of $269 for adults, included salads, cold meats, chicken nuggets, fried fish and roasted vegetables.

The walk between the two gorges.
The walk between the two gorges.

There are steps and a walk of around 400m each way between the two gorges featured on the cruise.  While the path is well marked, an older member of our group had a fall.  Fortunately he was fine – apart from a few bruises.  There is a seating area between the two gorges for those with limited mobility to wait. 

For more information on the tour visit the AAT Kings website.

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