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Feeling Colours, a new exhibition at Collingwood’s Bluethumb Art Gallery explores the connection between colour and human emotion using upcycled furniture, art and textiles.

One of many art works featuring in Feeling Colours, an exhibition by Ellen McKenna.*

Created by Melbourne – based artist and pattern designer Ellen McKenna, the exhibition explores how colour affects our sense of calm, excitement and well-being.

It also answers such questions as can we create inviting and rejuvenating spaces by understanding and promoting colour?

Feeling Colours by Ellen McKenna*

Developed as part of the National Gallery of Victoria’s program for Melbourne Design Week, the exhibition showcases McKenna’s canvas art and textile designs.

The exhibition aims to provide inspiration to visitors to create and explore colour havens within their own communities, businesses and homes.

“I feel very strongly that by doing that, we are creating a better world which caters for the emotional needs of others and promotes healthier mental wellbeing,” McKenna explained.

“With more people than ever working from home, let’s make those spaces, inviting and rejuvenating by understanding and promoting colour psychology.”

Feeling Colours by Ellen McKenna*

Each room of the Bluethumb gallery has a layout of a room in a house, providing a space where a viewer can experience the colours.

“Fundamentally I’d like visitors to walk into the spaces, the different coloured rooms, and be inspired by their own emotions and their own interpretations of the colour schemes,” McKenna said.

“I’d hope, after seeing the exhibition, they would be motivated to experiment with colour, even if only in the smallest way, within their own spaces.”

Feeling Colours can be viewed Monday to Friday until April 16 at Bluethumb Art Gallery, 52 Cambridge Street, Collingwood.

* Photo credit: Kirsten Bresciani.

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