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This cheery French comedy-drama movie tells a story about growing up, a country farming family, deafness, singing and small town politics.

The Bélier Family
The Bélier Family

The Béliers are farmers in rural France. Parents Rodolphe (François Damiens) and Gigi (Karin Viard) are deaf and have two children – Quentin (Luca Gelberg), who is also deaf and Paula (Louane Emera) who isn’t.
Paula accidentally ends up in the school choir where her teacher discovers she has a beautiful voice and offers to help her sit for the entrance exam of the Maîtrise de Radio France, a vocal elite choir in Paris.

At the same time her salt-of-the earth father decides to run for Mayor.
As is the case with everything to do with the family business he is relying on Paula to be his ears and his voice to the outside world.

Louane Emera (Paula)
Louane Emera (Paula)

As well as being torn about following a musical career or staying at home with her parents, 16 year old Paula is also dealing with young love and other issues associated with growing up, including a very exuberant and intrusive mother!
It’s easy to see why this is France’s most popular film of 2015. It is very funny at times as the wacky Rodolphe and Gigi aren’t your `normal’ parents. Some scenes are also very moving, especially when the family is watching Paula sing.

The film is showing at selected cinemas around Australia.

Other great movies currently showing include The Big Short, Phoenix and Suffragette.

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8 years ago

[…] great movies showing in cinemas include The Bélier Family, The Big Short and […]

8 years ago

[…] great movies currently showing include The Bélier Family, Phoenix and The Big […]

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