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F*CKING ANCIENT, Maggie McCormack’s one woman show about ageing is sure to resonate with women of a certain age.

Maggie McCormack stars in online digital play F*CKING ANCIENT.

At the same time the issues raised really apply to anyone suffering from a lack of self-confidence.

The online digital play tells the story of Maggie, a 45-year-old podiatrist struggling to accept her appearance.

As her 50-minute story evolves we learn through sometimes comic and sometimes serious dialogue that it’s not a recent phenomenon.  As a younger woman Maggie had breast implants and spent time in America on a spiritual journey trying to heal herself.

Maggie McCormack

Now at 45 when she looks in the mirror she doesn’t like what she sees.

A plastic surgeon suggests a number of procedures – for a cost of around $30,000!  With that option in the background Maggie tries a number of other programs including Bowen Therapy and yoga.

But as we learn more of Maggie’s story we realise her dissatisfaction with her looks is far more than skin deep!

Maggie McCormack

Her job as a podiatrist isn’t satisfying, no man in her preferred age group is interested in hooking up with her through the on-line dating service she uses and she’s dealing with some traumatic personal experiences.

Working with director Ngaire Dawn Fair, McCormack, wrote the play during Melbourne’s COVID lockdown and filmed it in Los Angeles once borders opened.

It features lightly tweaked real stories from her own life including comical tales from her podiatry career.  Some of those stories aren’t going to cause a rush on podiatry course enrolments!

Maggie McCormack

Speaking on the play McCormack explains: “It is my heartfelt hope that the audiences will feel inspired to accept themselves and appreciate their bodies as the amazing vehicles that they drive through this life in.

“Body positivity, body neutrality, we are inundated with myriad of mantras and affirmations to convince ourselves that we’re beautiful. As a lover of all things self-improvement, my aim is to explore these themes with humour and without judgement.”

F*CKING ANCIENT achieves this and also allows McCormack to show her acting skills, playing a number of characters including the plastic surgeon’s receptionist, a homeless person and Maggie’s mentor.

The show is available on demand from March 20 through the Adelaide Fringe website.

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