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After a successful season last year, Alice in Wonderland  is back again with lots of colour, movement and jokes ensuring something for all audiences.

The cast of Alice in Wonderland.
Members of the cast of Alice in Wonderland.*

For youngsters, there’s the chance to see some rather colorful characters on stage. For older children there are some fun jokes, which two of my `dates’ for last year’s show, seven and 11-year old boys, loved.

And for all ages there’s the opportunity to appreciate the works of talented actors and puppeteers and the use of clever staging to bring Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic to life.

Caterpillar (Jackson McGovern) and Alice (Georgia Walker) were two of my `dates' favourite characters.
Caterpillar (Jackson McGovern) and Alice (Georgia Walker) were two of my `dates’ favourite characters.*

The one hour show (ideal for youngsters) tells of Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole where, on chasing the White Rabbit, she meets such characters as Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse Cheshire Cat and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

The Queen of HeartsCaterpillar  and Alice  were the children’s favourite characters.

My `adult’ companions were impressed with the work of all cast members – who between them brought 20 characters to life on stage. Several actors play more than one role.

The Mad Tea Party
The Mad Tea Party*

The costumes are another highlight of the show. It comes as no surprise to discover they were designed by Emmy Award winning costume designer, Diana Ed.

It’s easy to see why Alice in Wonderland, presented by Rapidfire International and M2 Productions, has enjoyed highly successful seasons in New York, Los Angeles and Brisbane.

Alice in Wonderland is playing at Ballarat’s Wendouree Centre for the Performing Arts on January 9, Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre from January 10-12, Frankston’s Arts Centre on January 13,  Bendigo’s  Capital Theatre on January 15 and Perth’s State Theatre Centre on January 22 and 23. Visit the Alice in Wonderland website for more information.

*Photo credit: GW Photography

Jenny Burns attended a performance of Alice in Wonderland at the Athenaeum Theatre on January 9 2018 as a guest of the producers.

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1 year ago

We took our 8, 6 and 4 year old grandchildren to see Alice at the atheneum today. We had read the book (an abridged version) and were looking so forward to being entertained. The costumes were great and colourful but the dialogue was way over the top for not only our children but most of the audience. The storyline could have been simplified so much more. There should have been music, singing, audience participation that would have involved all ages. As it was many of the audience appeared to be somewhat confused and didnt understand the dialogue at all. This was even more apparent as we were leaving and adults were voicing their disappointment. Children in front of us were asking ‘what’s it about?’ And ‘can we go now?’ Certainly wouldn’t go again or recommend it at all. Anne-Maree

Carol Miller
Carol Miller
5 years ago

We took our grandchildren aged 8, 7, 4 to see Aliceinwonderlandlive at the Frankston Art Centre. We were all left wondering about the abrupt end. There were no songs! so much was left out of the story and the 8 and 7 year old were disappointed as were we (the adults). The costumes were good and the general stage was good but alot was missing.

Jenny Burns
Jenny Burns
Reply to  Carol Miller
5 years ago

Hi Carol, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Regards Jenny

5 years ago

We took our 6 yr old & 3 yr old grandchildren to Alice in Wonderland yesterday at the Atheneum Theatre in Melbourne. The costumes were amazing, the staging was clever but the dialogue needed to be less with some songs asking for audience participation to keep children involved. A dance would add to the appeal.
It was a long Mad Hatters Tea Party that lost children’s attention.
Audience need dance, singing, movement & dialogue to keep their attention.
It was good but could have been spectacular.

Jenny Burns
Jenny Burns
Reply to  Lynne
5 years ago

Hi Lynne, thanks for your insights. They are very much appreciated as they help parents/grandparents/aunts etc decide if the show is suitable for their families. Regards Jenny

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