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To describe Godz as purely a circus/acrobatic show is to ignore its many funny moments. But to label it as comedy is to dismiss the physical prowess and highly dangerous actions of its four stars.

Stars of GODZ, from left Thomas Gorham, Callan Harris, Jordan Twartz and Liam Dummer.*

The combination of comedy, athleticism, storytelling and most definitely adults only humour helps explain why Godz won six major festival awards in 2022 and has sold-out tours both in Australia and internationally.

Those who have missed the show can now see what the fuss is all about as Head First Acrobats (HFA) is again staging Godz at this year’s Melbourne’s Fringe Festival.

Thomas Gorham.

Described as “a hedonistic dive head-first into the lives of the ancient Gods of Mount Olympus”, the 65-minute show follows the antics of four misbehaving Gods – Apollo, God of the Sun (Thomas Gorham), Cupid, God of Love (Liam Drummer), Dionysius, God of Wine (Jordan Twartz) and the demigod Hercules (Callan Harris) who have earned the ire of king of the Gods, Zeus.

Each performer is given a chance to shine in solo spots displaying skills that include hand-balancing, chair stacking, break dancing, trapeze, diablo, ladder balancing, whip cracking and acrobatics.

As well as highlighting their physical abilities, these performances also showcase each performer’s comic timing. Raised eyebrows, shrugs, and sly looks clearly show the thoughts and actions of these gods aren’t always pure and wholesome!  Commentary/announcements from` Zeus’  add to the show’s comic feel.

From left: Callan Harris, Liam Dummer, Thomas Gorham, Jordan Twartz

The four work particularly well together throughout the show and look as if they are really enjoying themselves.  This is especially so in one of Godz’ most infamous scenes which sees the four appear on stage with only strategically placed hands and/or a gold plate to protect their modesty.

Equally as infamous is the banishment of Hercules to ‘Christian Hell’ complete with nuns.

Like several of the acts in Godz it ensures the show isn’t for the prudish. It does, however, further enhance HFA’s reputation for presenting cheeky and highly provocative shows full of physical comedy, inventive staging and exceptional physical and acrobatic prowess.

Godz is playing at Festival Park (The Vault) – Testing Grounds Market Square, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne until October 29. Visit the Fringe Festival website for more information and tickets.

Jenny Burns attended the opening night of Godz as a guest of the production company.

*Photo credit: Russel Ludt



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