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While COVID isn’t directly mentioned in Isabella Perversi’s latest play What rhymes with orange? it’s had a major impact.

Isabella Perversi with Fabio Motta in What rhymes With orange?*

As was the case with Ember, Perversi’s award-nominated show from 2020, COVID restrictions put an end to live performances of What rhymes with orange? at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Like last year Perversi has joined forces with Mad Hatter Films to film the production, which is now screening as a digital show.

What rhymes with orange? sees Perversi exploring the struggling relationship between young couple Tom (Fabio Motta)and Rosie (Perversi).

He wants a family; she’s an aspiring dancer who hasn’t yet been successful but doesn’t want to give up on her dream. Needless to say their individual decisions have a major impact on their relationship.

Fabio Motta.*

In explaining her philosophy behind the play Perversi says: “I was curious about what was end of the line for a relationship and when people understood it was time to call it quits.

One of my favourite lines in the play is ‘I’m just waiting for my life to start’, which I think is pretty relevant in today’s climate as we navigate lockdowns and things being postponed and cancelled all the time.”

There’s no doubt a feeling of uncertainty and unease runs through the play despite the best efforts of Tom and Rosie to try and work through their many issues. As a result What rhymes with orange? may feel a little too close to home for some in a similar situation especially given the real-life feel of the dialogue.

Both Motta and Perversi give strong performances and are totally believable as a couple struggling with their relationship and other personal issues, further adding to the show’s credible and realistic feel.

What Rhymes with Orange? can be accessed via The Melbourne Fringe Festival website until October 17.

*Photo credit:  Ross Dwyer (Mad Hatter Films)


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2 years ago

[…] last two productions, What rhymes with orange? and Ember were presented as digital shows due to COVID lockdowns in […]

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