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A stay at Belmond Mt Nelson Hotel Cape Town  is a wonderful experience thanks to the history, location and service.

Mt Nelson-Cape-Town-South-AFrica
Mt Nelson. Image courtesy of Belmond Mt Nelson

If time or budget doesn’t allow a stay, then try the hotel’s delightful afternoon tea. It’s understandably considered a Cape Town iconic experience!

The entrance to Mt Nelson Hotel, image courtesy of Belmond Nt Nelson
The entrance to Mt Nelson Hotel, image courtesy of Belmond Nt Nelson

What: Room 275, a deluxe room at Mt Nelson Hotel Cape Town

Who: JB

Why: South African Tourism arranged for me to stay here before my trip on the Blue Train. The hotel was specifically chosen as it is one of Cape Town’s most historic and best known hotels and is renowned for its afternoon teas.

When: May 16, 2013

A deluxe room at Mt Nelson. Image courtesy of Belmond Mt Nelson

How did it rate?

Décor of the room – although the colors may not be to everyone’s tastes I found them very appealing.

Free wi fi.

My room’s balcony, which was a great place for an evening drink and morning coffee.

Gym  –  good equipment and you have to love a gym that has a couple of chandeliers in the entry hall!

The general ambiance and the  interesting history of the hotel, which dates back to the 1899.

My room was comfortable and very quiet, although given I was one of the few people who seemed to be staying on my floor this may have contributed to the lack of any noise.

Mt Nelson's afternoon tea. Image courtesy of Belmond Mt Nelson
Mt Nelson’s afternoon tea. Image courtesy of Belmond Mt Nelson

Afternoon tea. There were so many dishes to choose from it was hard to know where to start but needless to say the sandwiches, tarts, scones, rich chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, fudge and coconut ice seemed very popular with patrons! Equally as varied were the many premium leaf and flowering teas on offer although coffee drinks were not forgotten. Great food, tea, the ambiance (and thanks to the strength of the Australian dollar) the experience was good value, given the amount and quality of food on offer.  Just make sure you don’t have lunch first.

Dinner at the Planet Restaurant. Again great food and extremely attentive service.

DVD range available for hire.

Helpful friendly staff.

Part of the charm of the hotel is its many wings and corridors, but if, like me, you have no sense of direction it is very easy to get lost!

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