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Suffragette is an exhausting but engrossing and often moving film which explores the battle of English women to gain their right to vote.

Carey Mulligan as Maud Watts and Anne Marie Duff as Violet Miller
Carey Mulligan as Maud Watts and Anne Marie Duff as Violet Miller in Suffragette

Set in 1912-13, the movie centres on Maud Watts  (Carey Mulligan), a young married woman from the East End of London who has worked since she was seven in a damp, dangerous laundry where injury, disease and sexual exploitation are rife.

Initially reluctant, Maud becomes more and more involved in the Suffragette movement and joins forces with women from all backgrounds, including Violet (Anne-Marie Duff), a fellow worker and Edith (Helena Bonham Carter), a local chemist who together with her husband operates a covert base for the suffragettes in the back room of their shop.

The laundry where Maud worked.
The laundry where Maud worked.

Though frightened by the risk it entails (Brendan Gleeson is very good as the police officer charged with stopping the women), Maud gradually begins to recognize that without the vote there’s little hope of a better future.
The film covers the violent actions some of the suffragettes undertook, the violence they suffered and the high personal price many paid.

Meryl Streep as Mrs Pankhurst
Meryl Streep as Emily Pankhurst.

Carey Mulligan is understandably being praised for her work in the movie, which also features Meryl Streep in a small role as Emily Pankhurst.
While difficult at times to watch, Suffragette does raise some interesting issues, such as does violence work in changing society’s views? The postscript detailing which countries granted the vote to women in what years makes for some fascinating reading.
Suffragette is showing in cinemas around Australia.

Other great movies currently showing include The Bélier Family, Phoenix and The Big Short.

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Carey Mulligan
7 years ago

I saw the world premier at the Telluride Film Festival in September! It is my favorite of the year and Carey Mulligan does an amazing character study. I would urge everyone to watch as they role the dates, by country ,of when women were granted the right to vote at the end of the film. It is sobering and made me more than a little angry!

Romola Garai
7 years ago

Great actors, great actings, awesome storytelling, cinematography at its best, direction was amazing and the music was so pleasant, but the method of dealing was a bit gruesome, and sometimes brutal. I thought the terrorism is a new word, but this movie gives a different perspective and meaning to that.

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