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The Spanish film Rosa’s Wedding could well result in some of its viewers questioning their priorities in life.

Candela Peña stars in Rosa’s Wedding.

The feel-good comedy tells of 44-year-old Rosa (Candela Peña) who spends her life looking after the needs of everyone but herself.

She has a pressure filled job working as a costume designer/seamstress in the wardrobe department of a film studio in Valencia.

She’s also responsible for looking after her elderly widowed father Antonio (Ramon Barea). Her divorced brother Armando (Sergi López), who runs a financially struggling language school, expects her to help look after his children. Her sister Violeta (Nathalie Posa) who works as an interpreter provides no help. Rosa’s daughter Lidia (Paula Usero), who’s living with a musician in Manchester and raising twin babies, also creates numerous challenges.

Rosa’s family- front  Sergi López (Armando), Ramon Barea (Antonio) and Paula Usero (Lidia).

Then there are the many favours friends, neighbours and her boyfriend Rafa (Xavo Giménez) continually ask of her.

After a particularly challenging time at work and news her `loudly snoring’ father wants to move into her small flat with her, Rosa decides she has had enough. She jumps in her car and heads to her childhood home in coastal town Benicàssim.

On visiting the family’s disused dressmaking workshop which, thanks to her mother’s influence, first inspired her to pick up needle and thread, Rosa comes to a life changing realisation.She needs to regain control of her life and do what’s right for her.

Sergi López

As part of this process Rosa decides she has to get married to herself. She begins to plan her dream wedding – an intimate ceremony on the beach with her closest family members.

Her sudden announcement of a wedding throws her family into a spin, especially as no one has any idea who she is marrying.  Without asking Rosa what she wants, Armando and Violeta take over, determined Rosa will have a no expense spared huge wedding.

Needless to say when Armando, Violeta and Lidia discover who Rosa is marrying there’s plenty of angst which threatens to derail not only the wedding but all Rosa’s plans including re-opening the workshop in Benicàssim.

Candela Peña

It’s the scenes around the wedding which provide the greatest laughs in Rosa’s Wedding, although the whole movie has a feel-good vibe, apart from the start when Rosa is so stressed.

Much of the credit for this goes to Peña who gives a wonderful performance as Rosa. Her face brilliantly portrays the range of emotion Rosa experiences – from physical and emotional exhaustion to self- discovery and unbridled happiness.  López also gives a wonderful performance as her determined and bossy brother.

Despite its lightness and upbeat mood, it’s likely some of those watching this film, who are in a similar situation to Rosa, may also start questioning their priorities and what they want from their lives.

Rosa’s Wedding was due to open in cinemas nationally on July 22 but this has been impacted by lockdowns in some states. Check Palace Theatre cinemas for more screening details.



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