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After two years of COVID interruptions, Melbourne writer and actor Isabella Perversi finally has the chance to perform her work on stage to a live audience.

Isabella Perversi stars in Canary.*

Her latest show, Canary, is playing as part of the Melbourne Fringe Rebound Festival.

Perversi’s last two productions, What rhymes with orange? and Ember were presented as digital shows due to COVID lockdowns in Melbourne.

As was the case with these productions, the challenges faced by a young woman in contemporary Australia are at the core of the play.

Canary doesn’t fit in anywhere. Except when she’s with her sister, Marnie. But things start to unravel when her sister falls in love and moves in with her boyfriend – the undesirable Byron. At the same time Canary is facing a number of challenges at work thanks to her boss’ son, Nick.

Isabella Perversi

When her rage can no longer be contained, who does she become?

A warning accompanying the show which states the 40-minute production contains strong coarse language, potentially triggering content or themes including sexual assault or abuse and misogyny provides an indication of the major issues Perversi raises.

Isabella Perversi*

As well as raising such issues, Canary also allows Perversi the opportunity to showcase her stage craft and acting skills. Although a one-person show, Canary features pre-taped dialogue representing the other major players in her story, allowing some interacting dialogue.

However mostly the show is based on Canary sharing her emotions and private thoughts out loud. Emotions include anger, confusion, humour and some playfulness.

Canary is playing at Fringe Common Rooms, Trades Hall Cnr Lygon and Victoria Streets until Saturday March 5.  Tickets are available from the Melbourne Fringe website.

*Photo credit: Canary Fringe Rebound 2022 photo by Nicholas Robertson.
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