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The highly sensual live show, Matador La Experiencia, is back in Melbourne.

Tayla Lemon (Matador) and Christopher Politis (The Bull) star in The Matador La Experiencia,

While there are some similarities to the show which last played at Her Majesty’s Theatre in 2021, the latest production features new burlesque, dance and circus acts.

Many of these acts seem even more risqué than the previous show but that may have something to do with the venue.

The Meat Market offers a far more intimate experience thanks to the location of the stage, which is only metres from the audience. Cast members also make use of the space surrounding the seating.

As was the case in its previous incarnation Matador aims to celebrate love and friendship.

The show is inspired by the life of writer, director and producer Bass G Fam. In telling his story there was a need to accept who he was, which in turn resulted in a period of self-discovery and acceptance which also resulted in a certain level of darkness and intensity.

His conclusion that love can be nurturing and fulfilling, passionate and volatile, raging and torrid and at times destructive, much like the relationship between the Bull and the Matador, forms the basis of the show.

The show’s acts reflect different emotions associated with love including lust, passion, pain, trust, acceptance and forgiveness. They also explore the impact of friendships and infidelity.

As was the case with the previous show I could understand the genesis of certain numbers while others were a little more obscure.

However, my occasional confusion didn’t stop the enjoyment of watching the show’s 14 performers led by Tayla Lemon as the Matador and Christopher Politis as the Bull.

Each cast member enthusiastically and skilfully presented the show’s high energy and often raunchy commercial dance pieces, contemporary and ballet acts, Latin numbers, burlesque routines, pole dancing and aerial and circus acts. They all must be exhausted at the end of the show!

Matador probably isn’t the show for the prudish. However for those who enjoy watching talented artists expertly perform challenging and demanding movements to often familiar music tracks, it’s most entertaining.

Matador La Experiencia is playing at the Meat Market, until Sunday May 8. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.



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