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A birthday ride on the Melbourne Star, the city’s big observation wheel at Docklands, proved a roaring success with two nine and six year old boys.

The Melbourne Star's Third Birthday celebrations.
The Melbourne Star’s Third Birthday celebrations*.

The Star was celebrating its third birthday and the boys fully embraced all the party activities on offer, such as face painting and cup-cakes. Naturally, the highlight of the party was their 30 minute ride on The Star.

Both were a little apprehensive before boarding, being not quite sure what to expect. But they quickly realised it was a slow and very gentle ride.

One of the Melbourne Star's cabins.
One of the Melbourne Star’s cabins*.

With only four other people in our air conditioned floor to ceiling glass cabin, which has a capacity of up to 20 people, there was plenty of room to move around. The boys spent the first few minutes of our ride walking around the capsule using my mobile phone to photograph everything around them, including the people in the cabins travelling behind us.

The boys took great delight taking pictures of the cabin behind us.
The boys took great delight taking pictures of the cabin behind us.

They then settled down to enjoy the 360 degree views the cabin offered until we reached the top of the wheel (around 120 metres high). A further burst of photography quickly followed.

On the ground after the ride the boys cited the views as the highlight. Fortunately the weather was perfect, providing great views over the city and nearby hills. They also enjoyed being up so high in the sky. The yachts on Port Phillip Bay (which were easy to see) and trying to work out where their house was (impossible) also rated highly.

One of many pictures the boys took from the Melbourne Star.
One of many pictures the boys took from the Melbourne Star.

The taped audio commentary, which includes an introduction to the history and significance of the landmarks seen during the ride, didn’t rate a mention on their highlights list, but it seemed perfect, especially for visitors to the city.

Both promised they would listen more intently next time they went on The Star – the message clearly being that one ride is not enough!

Visit The Star’s website  for information and tickets.

Jenny Burns `and friends’ attended the Star’s birthday celebrations as a guest of the company.

*Pictures supplied Melbourne Star

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